Ruleguard Update 4.6.0

We are pleased to announce that Ruleguard version 4.6.0 is now live!

This update contains the following changes:

Users Dashboard (v4 Experience only)

  • Added a screen where a User may customise a personal Dashboard to better summarise their compliance universe and link directly to key information.

    • A Users Role may be configured to display specific MI charts, for immediate access without having to navigate to the MI screens.

    • Issue 'Pins' can be included to provide quick shortcuts to saved Issue queries.

    • Inbox items can be summarised, completed and / or link to their designated areas in the Inbox for completion.

  • This Dashboard is optional and you may set this as your default landing screen by accessing 'My settings' from the top-right hand drop-down menu in the v4 experience.

Issues Module

  • Added the ability to create predefined Issue Tasks for an during any specified Issue transition.

  • Added the ability to add Watchers to an Issue on any Issue transition.

General Improvements and Fixes

  • Added some automatic formatting to improve the spacing within the Description text for Responsibilities where text formatting has been copied in from an external application to better handle certain use cases (more improvements to follow in future releases).

  • Made a minor change to the wording of setting the preferred view on the Inbox screen to make it clearer when viewing the Dashboard what this option does.

  • Resolved an issue with printing Issues.

  • Resolved an issue where some Finalised RM data was not saved during a specific sequence of events.

  • Resolved an issue whereby in rare cases it was slow to add a Job Role to a Responsibility.

  • Resolved an issue with the Rule updates count.

In a Rush?

Don't always have time to read our blog posts right away? You can always access our release notes later by clicking the release version in the Ruleguard Welcome menu.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at support@ruleguard.com or contact your Delivery Manager.

Ruleguard Team