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Regulatory Updates
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It all starts with the rules

Ensure you are always on top of rule changes with our Regulatory Updates software, transforming compliance risk from daunting to routine.

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What does Ruleguard’s Regulatory Updates software include?

Introducing Ruleguard’s state-of-the-art scanning and updates software, designed to empower your firm with daily updates from the regulators that matter to you. Explore this innovative solution’s key features and benefits.

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Daily global monitoring

Hook up to our powerful real-time monitoring system that scans hundreds of regulatory sources worldwide, ensuring you receive timely updates on relevant changes. We cover a broad spectrum of regulatory bodies and jurisdictions, vastly simplifying regional and global compliance operations. Ruleguard helps you to confidently navigate the complex regulatory environment, so you can keep your business secure and compliant.


Tailored subscriptions

Each business has unique compliance needs, so Ruleguard offers flexible scanning options. Tailor the regulatory feeds to match your industry, region and permissions, enabling you to track regulatory updates with ease. Eliminate the noise of irrelevant information, streamlining your compliance processes and enhancing operational efficiency.


AI-powered tools

Automatically track and record every action on every promotion, on a rock-solid you know best, but AI can help. Our regulatory updates system comes with an AI-powered summariser to give you rapid insights into the latest regulations. Let Ruleguard AI be your co-pilot to accelerate your applicability reviews and risk assessments audit trail. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hold everyone accountable for their actions in perpetuity.


Seamless integration

The Regulatory Updates solution within the Ruleguard platform works seamlessly with our compliance and risk tools so your control environment can address all the applicable rules. With our regulatory scanning and updates software, you're not just adopting a tool; you're embracing a comprehensive solution that lets you protect and propel your business forward through the complex regulatory landscape.