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With so many rules and procedures to worry about, it's easy to forget Human Resources is about people first. Ruleguard’s HR compliance software simplifies your compliance workflow and handles the admin, so you can focus on keeping staff happy, motivated, and productive.

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Reduce HR admin with our
HR compliance software solutions

Whether you take care of a team of 10, or you're a 3,000-strong firm with offices on four continents, Ruleguard helps you stay compliant, efficient, and organised.

Accountability regime

Accountability regime

A complete and accurate record of individuals' responsibilities and reporting lines, plus intuitive tools to ensure the highest standards of conduct — from fit-and-proper tests to investigating breaches and offboarding.

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Complaints Management

Simple, straightforward, and transparent complaints handling. The Ruleguard platform packs everything you need to receive, review, and resolve complaints effectively, including status updates, escalation, and one-click regulatory reporting.

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Incident and Breach Management

Whether a breach is due to bad behaviour or a genuine mistake, Ruleguard’s HR compliance software solutions empower you to address it with confidence. Understand the impact on your rules, controls, and processes, and keep a record of the investigation and its outcome. 

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Evidence Management and Task Lists

Conquer your to-do list, and document your workflow every step of the way. Create projects, checklists, and deadlines, assign tasks, and make sure everyone stays on track whether they work from the office or a Caribbean resort.

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Ruleguard for HR compliance management

Simplify admin, stay efficient and organised, and build stronger employee relationships with Ruleguard's comprehensive compliance software for HR teams.