Operational Resilience: Adapt, Respond & Recover

Operational Resilience means firms can adapt to operational disruptions.

Gain in-depth insights into the evolving landscape of operational resilience in the UK financial services sector, in our free white paper.

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operational resilience

As regulatory bodies collaborate to set new requirements, firms are challenged to build a robust infrastructure ensuring resilience in the face of operational disruptions. Discover practical strategies to strengthen your business's resilience. Download our white paper now.

Key Highlights:

✔️Supervisory Stance: Understand the regulators' definition of operational resilience, emphasising firms' ability to prevent, adapt, respond, recover, and learn from disruptions without exacerbating incidents.

✔️Proportionate Application: Explore how the operational resilience requirements apply universally, but allow flexibility in implementation based on the nature, scale, and complexity of firms' activities.

✔️UK Requirements: Delve into specific operational resilience requirements set by UK regulators, including the identification of important business services, setting disruption tolerances, mapping and testing services, and effective communication plans.

✔️Third-Party and Outsourcing Considerations: Recognise the significance of assessing and improving third-party and outsourcing arrangements to enhance overall operational resilience. Our white paper guides you on looking beyond your firm and considering the impact of third parties, even sister companies, on your business and clients.

✔️Risk Areas and Reporting: Gain insights into regulatory concerns, including technology advancements, concentration risk, lack of oversight, and governance issues. Understand reporting obligations and the importance of disclosing material events.

✔️Ruleguard's Solution: Learn about Ruleguard, an industry-leading software platform designed to help regulated firms manage compliance burdens efficiently. Explore how Ruleguard's tools, automated reporting features, and powerful dashboards facilitate compliance with evolving regulations.

Outcome: Build Resilience Without Reinventing the Wheel