Employee Attestations

Empower your employees with knowledge and confidence

Automate and streamline the employee attestation process, enabling your staff to affirm adherence to policies, regulations, and ethical standards.


Benefits of Ruleguard’s Employee
Attestation solution

Conduct employee attestations effortlessly and meet your compliance needs with Ruleguard. Explore the key benefits of this integrated module.


Active employee engagement

Engage with employees, collecting attestations for policy adherence, ethical conduct, and control effectiveness, to ease the administrative burden of issuing and collating staff attestations throughout the business.


A star attestation

Create attestations for specific regulatory, policy, or control needs, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of each attestation campaign.


Real-time monitoring

Monitor attestation completion and compliance with ease, with tools designed to automate reminders and collect detailed responses, ensuring no detail is missed.


Insights too good to miss

Gain valuable insights from attestation data, identifying compliance trends and areas for improvement, and enhancing overall governance and risk management strategies.