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Evidence Management and Task Lists

Reimagining compliance task management

Gain a step change in evidence management and manage daily tasks in real-time, easily creating and assigning compliance activities to provide assurance – at all times.

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Benefits of Ruleguard’s evidence and
compliance task management solution

Our Evidence Management & Task Lists solution leverages the Ruleguard platform’s GRC software to provide real-time assurance and oversight and ensure you remain compliant and prepare clear evidence auditors. Explore the key benefits of this solution.


Four eye checks

Gain complete visibility into compliance processes, with tasks directly linked to controls and regulations, simplifying audit trails, and ensuring accountability.


Smart automation

Automate task scheduling based on your operational calendar, ensuring timely completion and adherence to regulatory timelines using unobtrusive workflows and without manual tracking. Build a robust audit trail, increase efficiency, and encourage ownership by automating manual checklists.


Evidence integration

Seamlessly collect and attach evidence to your tasks, making all supporting documents easily accessible for review or audits. Do you have high-volume tasks across several teams? No problem. Our evidence management software allows you to organise tasks into lists, schedule actions and set the frequency, tailored to your needs.