Incident & Breach Management

Manage your firm’s incidents and breaches with ease

Escalating and managing critical compliance incidents and breaches doesn't have to be another hurdle. Ruleguard's got your back. Our Incident and Breach Management software makes the process simple and efficient.

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Benefits of our Incident and Breach Management software solution

The Ruleguard platform enables firms to deal with incidents and breaches swiftly, enjoy greater visibility and monitor and track progress for audit purposes. Explore the key benefits of our integrated solution.


Instant setup, instant relief

Spring straight into action with a system that lets you log, track, and manage critical incidents with just a few clicks. No fuss, just speedy escalation. Our tool's smart workflow gets the right tasks to the right people, so from identification to resolution, everything can flow smoothly.

Everything in one place

Spreadsheets, action plans, tasks, updates, files - endless searching? Keep all your data neatly organised in one place, in a single issue and breach repository.


Smart management, smarter workflow

Stay in the loop with detailed reports, clear insights and audit trails. Know who did what, when, and how things are moving along through automatic workflows and our powerful rules-mapping system.


Knowledge is power

Our innovative Incident and Breach management software solution gives managers hawk-eyed oversight of the issues process, enabling them to identify breaches with ease. Stay on top of changes, ensuring you’re not just compliant, but ahead of the curve.