Advanced Operational Risk Management

Master operational risks and maintain market integrity

Efficiently identify and categorise operational risks with Ruleguard's intuitive platform. Our Operational Risk Management software solution offers an end-to-end view of the compliance response when you map the risks back to the requirements and controls.

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Benefits of our Operational Risk Management software

Establish a structured and comprehensive approach to risk management. Our platform lets you fully document operational risks and organise them into topics and suitable taxonomies. Explore the benefits of our Operational Risk Management software.


Smooth risk assessment

Automate the risk evaluation process, utilising customisable scoring systems to prioritise and address risks based on impact, likelihood, and the real-time operation of controls.


Proactive risk mitigation

Implement targeted mitigation strategies to manage identified risks effectively, enhancing operational resilience and regulatory compliance. Continually improve your governance and oversight of key risks, related controls and operational processes.


Robust compliance integration

Seamlessly link risks to regulatory requirements and controls, providing a holistic view of your compliance stance and supporting risk-first decision-making.

Our rich reporting enables users to visualise the status of risks and tasks using customisable RAG schemes. At a glance, identify and visualise escalating issues before they materialise.


Rich reporting

Detailed reports provide risk analysis, insights and trends enabling the board and executives to comprehend the risks and mitigation strategies. This feeds into the firm’s assessment of regulatory capital requirements, such as ICARA.