Robust banking compliance software

Reassuring compliance solutions

With automated workflows, an intuitive interface, and a built-in audit trail, Ruleguard's banking compliance software saves you time and money. But, more than that, it empowers you to be proactive, put a robust operational risk management framework in place, and show regulators (and customers) that you're a safe pair of hands.

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Efficient, effective, and proactive regulatory compliance

Whether you're a local outfit, regional powerhouse or systemically important international bank, our innovative banking compliance software helps you strengthen your operational risk management and ensure continued regulatory compliance, without increasing your costs or headcount.

Accountability regime

Accountability regimes

Stay on top of SMCR, FAR, SEAR and other accountability regimes. Our fully configurable banking RegTech platform makes managing and evidencing compliance with requirements in multiple jurisdictions simple.

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Operational resilience

Be prepared for extreme scenarios. Conduct in-house stress tests, disaster modelling, and other assessments, collaborate with third parties, and create comprehensive briefings for senior leaders.

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Regulatory updates

With an average of 200 regulatory updates daily, keeping up can feel like plugging a firehose with a sticking plaster. Ruleguard automatically tracks changes and enables you to assess how they'll impact your bank.

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Operational risk management

Get a unified view of all the risks that could impact your operations and every control and mitigation you have in place. You can also assess, quantify, optimise, and report on your risk-management processes in a few clicks.

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