Bolster pensions compliance with Ruleguard

Become the trusted name in pensions

Our pensions compliance software helps you build rock-solid relationships with regulators, clients, and third-party suppliers while ensuring continued employee compliance and individual accountability.

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Maximum efficiency. Full oversight.

Get one single, integrated software platform for monitoring your GRC framework, tracking employee compliance, and overseeing business-critical suppliers. Ruleguard also keeps comprehensive records, so audit preparation is a breeze.

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Client assurance

Share important data and updates in a few clicks. With a clean front-facing interface, robust security, and powerful integrations, Ruleguard makes clear and open partner communication a hallmark of your pensions brand.

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Compliance monitoring

Our pensions compliance monitoring enables you to map rules to risks, processes, and controls, and swiftly identify conflicts of interest or conduct breaches. Plus, with escalation and resolution workflows built in, you'll show regulators you walk the talk on employee accountability.

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Pensions & GRC

Ruleguard is a one-stop shop for in-house and third-party GRC oversight for pension providers. Auto-schedule tasks, get real-time status updates and proactively address any policy or process gaps before they become serious issues.

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Operational risk management

Map, monitor and mitigate risk from one place. Highly customisable automation and collaboration features streamline your workflow, so you can assess, quantify, resolve, and report on issues faster.

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