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World-class global
RegTech solutions from Ruleguard

Enjoy robust security, resilience, integration and performance

Explore what makes Ruleguard stand out in the RegTech industry. Discover our enterprise SaaS platform, its technological innovations, and the benefits of our powerful RegTech solutions

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What makes our RegTech solutions different?

We outline the key components of our innovative GRC technology, what makes Ruleguard different and the advantages of the robust RegTech solutions within our comprehensive cloud platform.

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Pure-play SaaS experience

  • Zero installation required: Ruleguard eliminates the need for any software installation, enabling a smooth start.
  • Easy to implement: Our platform is incredibly straightforward to deploy within any organisation.
  • Hassle-free updates: We regularly roll out improvements to Ruleguard’s RegTech solutions, ensuring all customers automatically benefit from the latest features without any action required on their part.
  • Continuously increasing value: All enhancements are made available to every Ruleguard customer, ensuring a consistent, seamless experience across the globe.
  • Internet browser: Serves as the primary access point for users to interact with Ruleguard.

Your data, where you want it

  • Ruleguard application: Hosted in the world’s most secure data centres in four global regions to provide reliable and safe access.
  • Single-tenant architecture: A separate database for each customer, to ensure integrity, segmentation, and security.
  • Cloud storage: Offers limitless capacity for file and data storage needs. Cloud RegTech solutions with terabytes of regulatory evidence? No problem.
  • Flexible connectivity: Facilitates easy data import/export via scheduled batch or event-based APIs, enabling seamless integration with your other systems.

The strictest security practices

  • ISO certification: Ruleguard has been ISO certified for over 7 years, demonstrating our commitment and experience in maintaining the highest security standards.
  • Dedicated Infosec team: A permanent full-time team providing continuous monitoring, improvement, incident management, and efficient due diligence turnaround.
  • Security best practices: A raft of stringent security practices as expected by our top-tier clients, incorporating encryption in-transit, at-rest, log management, intrusion detection, anti-DDoS (denial of service) and four-nines uptime.

The Ruleguard API plays nice

  • Daily data sync: Sync data from your other systems with Ruleguard where necessary to integrate regulatory compliance with enterprise risk and HR systems
  • Compliance automation: Ruleguard's APIs enable the automation of compliance processes across the enterprise, removing friction and reducing cost
  • Integration flexibility: Support batch, pull, push, email, and event-based integration models with our developer APIs and file-based gateways
  • Custom integration scenarios: We’re happy to consult about your specific integration needs to provide tailored RegTech solutions that fit your firm’s requirements