Operational Resilience

Build uncomplicated operational resilience in today’s world

Streamline your operational resilience with Ruleguard’s software, which centralises and automates processes to reduce manual workload and regulatory risk.

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Explore the benefits of Ruleguard’s
robust solution

The Ruleguard platform enables financial institutions to effortlessly organise, plan, and manage for extreme but plausible scenarios, ensuring compliance with international standards from the BCBS, IOSCO, FCA, and PRA, plus many more.


Bolster your operational efficiency

Automate the mapping of critical business services to operational resources, including people, facilities, systems, data, and suppliers. Maintain up-to-date impact tolerances and model changes with minimal effort, ensuring seamless operational risk management.



Foster a culture of resilience and insight, integrating genuine insights on mitigation steps and real-time progress tracking into your operational strategy. Embed this approach to achieve a transparent, proactive stance on operational resilience.


A to Z of compliance and oversight

Achieve a thorough understanding of your operational landscape with Ruleguard’s Operational Resilience software. Gain insights into service levels, tolerance thresholds, and resource impacts, aiding in the identification of investment gaps and the creation of operational resilience self-assessment documents for board review.


Demonstrate operational resilience

Customise impact tolerance models and resource mappings within Ruleguard to reflect your organisation's unique operational dependencies accurately, supporting comprehensive scenario planning and testing.


 Automated operational resilience management

Leverage intuitive interfaces and automated workflows to efficiently manage and adapt to changes in your operational resilience strategy, minimising administrative burdens and ensuring ongoing compliance.


Adaptability and comprehensive support

Ruleguard is designed to adapt to your firm’s specific needs, offering flexible options for modelling impact tolerances and identifying gaps, ensuring your firm remains resilient in the face of evolving threats and regulatory standards.