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Client Assets compliance solution for CASS

Ensure crystal clear CASS compliance and auditing

Ruleguard’s Client Assets compliance solution provides an electronic feed of CASS rules, directly from the regulators, to ensure firms are always equipped with the latest version of the rules. 

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Key benefits of Ruleguard’s comprehensive
Client Assets compliance solution

For easy retrieval, our CASS resolution pack and Client Asset Management Plan (CAMP) software store all the rules in a single central repository, ready to demonstrate to the auditors and regulators. Explore our Client Assets compliance solution benefits.


Never miss a beat

Ruleguard’s electronic feed of client assets rules comes directly from the regulators into a single central repository, so firms are always up-to-date with the latest version and can maintain continuous compliance.


Streamlined compliance mapping and automation

Firms can evidence line-by-line compliance with the applicable client asset regime. We make it easy to map processes, risks and controls to rules and automate assurance activities using attestations, task lists, and workflows.


Seamless collaboration

Facilitate effortless communication between your teams and auditors. Ruleguard centralises documentation and evidence, making it readily accessible, reducing back-and-forth and enhancing auditor satisfaction.


Insightful control assessments

Gain a comprehensive view of your internal controls with Ruleguard. Assess effectiveness, pinpoint vulnerabilities, and implement improvements with precision, ensuring robust financial health and regulatory compliance.


Reduce CASS risk

Automate your audit workflows within the Ruleguard platform, from specifying controls for testing to configuring custom workflows for different audit types, saving significant time and resources.


Enhanced transparency

Achieve unparalleled oversight with Ruleguard's audit trail capabilities. Document and store every audit step, providing ongoing evidence of diligent oversight and thorough review, all within a single platform.