End-to-end Product
Governance software

Foster proactive product governance
within your firm

Strategically align your products with regulatory expectations and client interests with Ruleguard’s proactive Product Governance solution. Foster trust and transparency in every offering.


Key benefits of Ruleguard’s
Product Governance solution

Ruleguard enables firms to effortlessly oversee and monitor the lifecycle of financial products, gathering ongoing assurance for evidencing compliance. Explore the benefits of our Product Governance solution benefits.


Simplify compliance

Utilise Ruleguard's end-to-end solution to manage your product's lifecycle, from design to distribution, ensuring compliance with the FCA’s product governance rules at every step. With a dedicated product governance register consolidating all governance-related data into a single repository, we make it easy to access data.


Insights like no other

Leverage insights from ongoing product reviews to enhance offerings, ensuring they meet market demands and regulatory standards. With advanced reporting capabilities, this solution provides MI and reporting on criteria such as stage, time attributes or any other configurable field info, enabling detailed analysis and oversight.


Leave a product governance breadcrumb trail

Achieve unparalleled governance with configurable workflows, ensuring that your products deliver value and comply with evolving regulations. The system maintains a full audit trail of changes, providing transparency and accountability in governance [link] processes.