Enterprise Risk Management

Be ready for anything with Ruleguard

Firms must consider their current and potential risks that may prevent them fulfilling their regulatory obligations. Our enterprise risk management software has you covered.

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What's your fallback?

In business, risk is inevitable. But that's OK when you're fully prepared.

Ruleguard's enterprise risk management software gives you a blow-by-blow view of your firm's weaknesses and helps you lay down robust processes and controls to keep them in check.

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Complaints Management

Receive, investigate, and resolve complaints quickly and efficiently. Ruleguard's fully configurable complaints management module helps you show clients you're serious about your duty to treat them fairly.

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Incident and Breach Management

Suffered a breach? Ruleguard helps you act swiftly and decisively. Understand how it impacts specific rules, controls, or processes, track an investigation's progress, and keep a record of how you've solved the issue.

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Operational Resilience

Make sure you're ready for worst-case scenarios. Conduct in-house stress tests and other assessments, collaborate with third parties, and have a plan that helps you bounce back quickly from critical events.

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Operational Risk Management

Many operational risks are avoidable, if only you had better visibility. Ruleguard continuously monitors your processes, pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses, and highlighting deficiencies you must address.

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