Asset management compliance solutions

Higher compliance. Lower costs

Nail asset management compliance without bloating your headcount or needlessly expending limited resources.

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Seamless asset management compliance

Seamless asset management compliance to ease the pressure

Stop firefighting and take charge of your workload with Ruleguard’s asset management compliance solutions. From tracking regulatory updates and monitoring risks to helping embed compliance throughout the business and addressing breaches, Ruleguard does all the spadework while you focus on the most important task of all: delivering standout service.


Client asset compliance

With line-by-line rule mapping, secure document storage, built-in attestation management, resolution pack maintenance, and one-click reporting, Ruleguard makes client asset regulatory compliance quick and painless.

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Client Assurance Portal

Client assurance

No more duplication, miscommunication or manual updates. Ruleguard shares critical information with third parties seamlessly and securely, highlighting changes so you're always looking at the latest data.

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Evidence management and task lists

Get a complete view of your compliance pipeline. Monitor project progress, manage dependencies, streamline four-eye checks, sign-offs and approvals, and keep a record of everything for auditors and regulators.

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Operational risk management

Proactively protect your firm from operational risks. Ruleguard continuously monitors your firm’s asset management regulatory compliance and identifies gaps so nothing falls through the cracks, no matter how busy it gets.

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