Compliance software for hedge funds

Embed compliance into your culture

Make complying with regulatory obligations effortless with our compliance software for hedge funds. Implement robust internal frameworks, custom workflows, and eagle-eyed third-party oversight.

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Ease your workload with transparent compliance software for hedge funds

Check low-value tasks off your to-do list, boost transparency, and free up more time for what really matters: getting results for your clients.

Accountability regime

Accountability regimes

Get headache-free accountability. View responsibilities and reporting lines at a glance, streamline due diligence and reporting, and give regulators cold, hard proof of your commitment to high standards of conduct.

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Client asset compliance

We provide everything you need to maintain a robust Client Assets framework: line-by-line rule mapping, effective attestation management, and a complete, accurate, easily accessible repository for your critical data.

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Client Assurance Portal

Client Assurance Portal

Your digital hub for secure data-sharing within and outside your firm, Ruleguard even maps third-party regulatory information to your risks and highlights changes, so you're always looking at the latest data.

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Audit management

With automated logging, one-click reporting, and secure data-sharing, Ruleguard makes preparing for audit a smooth, seamless, and — dare we say it? — even pleasant process.

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