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Service Organisation Assurance

Simplified assurance for service organisations

Ruleguard streamlines service organisation assurance, ensuring your third-party controls meet standards like ISO 27K, AAF, SSAE 18 or ISAE 3402, boosting trust and compliance.

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Benefits of Ruleguard’s Service Organisation
Assurance Audits solution

Review the Service Organisation Control (SOC) reports that are generated, to gain confidence in the service organisation’s ability to manage risks effectively. With Ruleguard on your side, you’ll maintain your competitive edge. Explore the benefits of our integrated audit solution.


Transparent processes

Automate and clarify the audit process, offering comprehensive insights into service providers' controls, particularly around data security and integrity.


Efficient collaboration

Facilitate effective three-way communication among auditors, service organisations, and your firm, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual work.


Everything you need, in one place

Record controls, processes, and risks pertinent to compliance, mapping them directly to standards for comprehensive oversight. Simplify your audit preparations, as our platform consolidates all necessary information in one location, enhancing the likelihood of successful compliance verification.


Stay up to date with service organisation assurance – at all times

Keeping up with the Joneses (in this case the constantly evolving regulatory environment) and ensuring that the service organisation assurance aligns with these ongoing changes can be tricky. We keep you informed about new regulations and assurance processes – 24/7.