Make Consumer Duty compliance a competitive advantage

Consumer Duty Compliance
Championing consumer interests

Championing consumer interests

Transform Consumer Duty from a challenge into a competitive advantage. Ruleguard’s compliance tools are a perfect fit for all aspects of the FCA’s regulatory requirements and challenges.

How Ruleguard helps you drive great
outcomes for your consumers


Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re not only meeting but exceeding the FCA's Consumer Duty requirements while ensuring the best possible outcomes for your consumers. Explore the ways Ruleguard can enhance your capabilities.

Streamlined oversight of appointed representatives

Ensure full Consumer Duty compliance with ease: Simplify the process of overseeing your appointed representatives, ensuring they adhere to the FCA's Consumer Duty regulation. With automated monitoring and reporting tools, stay ahead of the requirements and maintain high standards of conduct in every customer interaction.

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Streamlined oversight of appointed representatives

Compliant financial promotions

Promote with confidence: Navigate the complexities of financial promotions with our robust financial promotions framework. Record each step you take to ensure your messages are clear, fair, and not misleading. Protect your brand and build trust with your consumers through transparent and compliant communications and use Ruleguard to evidence your diligence.

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Enhanced supplier oversight

Secure your supply chain: Manage your third-party relationships with unparalleled oversight capabilities. Our platform provides comprehensive tools for due diligence, continuous monitoring, and risk assessment of all suppliers and partners. Ensure they align with your compliance standards and contribute to positive consumer outcomes.

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Proactive complaints management

Transform complaints into opportunities: Our advanced complaints management system helps you address concerns promptly, effectively, and compliantly. By streamlining the complaints process, you can comply with regulatory expectations, and additionally turn feedback into actionable insights to improve your services and customer satisfaction.

Simplify Complaints Management
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Good product governance

Design products that deliver: Embed consumer protection into your product lifecycle with our governance tools. From design to distribution, ensure your products meet the needs of your target market and comply with the regulator’s expectations for value and suitability, fostering long-term customer loyalty and trust.

Productive Governance tools
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Efficient client file reviews

Demonstrate your commitment to excellence: Elevate the quality of your client interactions with comprehensive file review capabilities. Use Ruleguard to structure your review process, making it easier to evaluate the advice provided to clients, ensure it meets regulatory standards, and identify areas for improvement.

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