Conflicts of Interest

Navigate conflicts with ease and enjoy crystal-clear compliance

Foster a culture of policy comprehension, transparent disclosure, timely resolution, and bulletproof audit trails with Ruleguard’s Conflicts of Interest software.


Benefits of our Conflicts of Interest
compliance software

Ruleguard enables firms to manage conflicts of interest with ease from identification through to review and evidence to meet regulatory compliance obligations. Explore the key solution benefits.


Proactive identification

Manage the disclosure and documentation of potential and actual conflicts with an automated workflow, ensuring all aspects are handled with the utmost integrity.


Unmatched transparency

Disclose conflicts quickly and effectively, maintaining client trust. Effortlessly manage internal disclosures made by employees, and for external disclosures, ensure specific tasks are completed.


Continuous improvement

Leverage the Ruleguard platform's analytics for ongoing assessment and refinement of your conflict management strategies, fostering a culture of compliance and ethical conduct.


Conflicts of interest register

Periodically review and verify conflicts on an ongoing basis, to ensure boards can manage them with ease.
Track conflicts, facilitate external disclosures, or publish online in simple steps and store all your data in one, easy-to-access repository.