Governance and oversight compliance solutions

Hawk-eyed governance, risk and compliance oversight for busy leaders

Ruleguard’s governance and oversight solutions give you everything you need to stay on top of your regulatory responsibilities, make confident decisions, and thoroughly answer auditors', regulators' and other stakeholders' most probing questions.

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Full transparency. Ultimate accountability.

Our robust software becomes a command centre for your governance, risk, and compliance framework: a golden source of truth, a powerful collaboration platform, and an effective monitoring tool.

Accountability regime

Accountability regimes

You can delegate, but the buck stops with you. Whether you're governed by SMCR, FAR, SEAR, MIC, or another regime, Ruleguard makes it easy to track your responsibilities and continuously prove you're on the ball.

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Operational Risk Management

Implement stress-free risk monitoring and disaster planning. Ruleguard’s software gathers all your risks and related controls in one place, mapping them to the applicable regulations and your internal policies and procedures for ultimate visibility.

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Client Assurance Portal

Client Assurance Portal

Your digital hub for secure data-sharing within and outside your firm, Ruleguard even maps third-party regulatory information to your risks and highlights changes, so you're always looking at the latest data.

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Audit management

With automated logging, one-click reporting, and secure data-sharing, Ruleguard makes preparing for audit a smooth, seamless, and — dare we say it? — even pleasant process.

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Rules mapping

Get governance, risk and compliance at a glance. Get a real-time view of current rules (and how your firm has implemented them) from your preferred perspective, including by entity, risk-first, controls-first, or by team.

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