Financial Promotions compliance software

Effortless collaboration for compliant marketing

Navigate complex FCA rules and guidance with ease, ensuring your financial promotions are clear, fair, and not misleading. Ruleguard simplifies compliance across all media channels.

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Key benefits of Ruleguard’s Financial Promotions solution

There is a fine line to tread when promoting financial services. Ruleguard’s platform ensures you don’t fall foul of compliance when it comes to FCA’s Financial Promotions rules and regulations. Explore the benefits of our watertight solution.


Streamlined approval

Automate the review and sign-off process, ensuring only competent, qualified individuals approve promotions, backed by a solid audit trail.


Dynamic content management

Keep your financial promotions accurate and compliant with real-time updates and reviews, ensuring they reflect the latest market conditions and regulations.


Targeted delivery

Ensure every promotion is suitable for its intended audience, with content crafted to meet the specific needs and understanding of your clients.

Elevate your compliance to the next level

Ruleguard's Financial Promotions solution transforms compliance into a competitive edge, providing regulatory clarity. We make it easy to stay on the right side of regulation and boost client trust.

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Everything organised

No matter how many promotions you have live or in progress, Ruleguard offers a single source of truth showing what stage each task is at, who is responsible and what should happen next.


Crystal clear oversight of financial promotions

Benefit from a visual overview of all financial promotions using charts and dashboards, so it’s easy to see what needs attention without wading through documents, emails, and spreadsheets.


Evidence everything

Automatically track and record every action on every promotion, on a rock-solid audit trail. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hold everyone accountable for their actions in perpetuity.


Collaboration that’s easy as pie

Have a single copy of all media in one place with version control automatically taken care of. No more hassle with duplicate versions no matter how many collaborators you have.