Revolutionising CASS Compliance: A Tech-Driven Exploration

Revolutionising CASS Compliance: A Tech-Driven Exploration

Join Priscilla Gaudoin, Head of Risk & Compliance at Ruleguard and Matthew Bruce, Platform Director, as they discuss the intricate world of compliance, particularly focusing on the evolution of technology in managing risks. From the origins of compliance, to the complexity of CASS rules, Priscilla and Matthew shed light on how technology has revolutionised the compliance landscape.

Discover the advantages of using technology over traditional methods, such as spreadsheets, in organising vast amounts of data, creating audit trails, and adapting to various jurisdictions' requirements.

Learn how Ruleguard has developed over time, addressing new regulations like SMCR and Consumer Duty, and growing into a comprehensive platform that guides organisations through the entire compliance journey – from understanding rules and regulations to risk management, assurance, and governance.

Join us for valuable insights into effective compliance practices and stay ahead in the ever-changing regulatory landscape.