Ruleguard Update 4.5.0

We are pleased to announce that Ruleguard version 4.5.0 is now live!

This update contains the following changes:


  • Added the option to send emails when an issue is shared

    • This can be seen when configuring a sharing action as part of an issue stage update (transition). The email will be sent to all 'stage users' listed on the first stage of the issue on the recipient account.

  • Added an email notification to be sent when making a comment on an issue

    • The email will be sent to all 'watchers' of the issue on your own account as well as any account the issue is shared with

  • Performance optimisations accounting for large numbers of fields when opening issue card screens, and when creating new issues

  • Improved experience of claiming issues and viewing the claimed status


  • Improved the interaction with the Responsibilities Maps document generator towards resolving potential display issues with long tables.

General Improvements and Fixes

  • Added the ability to produce file exports for Sailpoint (https://www.sailpoint.com/) capturing users and permission data.

    • This must be configured by our team on a case-by-case basis; please contact your relationship manager if you are interested in this functionality.

  • Fixed a problem that could cause duplicate date fields to be shown when sharing an issue

  • Preliminary support for forthcoming Audit and Testing features

In a Rush?

Don't always have time to read our blog posts right away? You can always access our release notes later by clicking the release version in the Ruleguard Welcome menu.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at support@ruleguard.com or contact your Delivery Manager.

Ruleguard Team