Welcome to the new v4 Ruleguard experience - due Feb 1st 2023

From August, we're inviting everyone to try out a new look and feel for the Ruleguard platform.

When you log in for the first time after our 'Ruleguard' switchover, you'll see a notification asking you if you'd like to trial the new experience.

Clicking Switch now will take you to your settings page, which you can also access by using the 'Home' menu item, then going to 'My Settings' and finding the 'Set experience' section:

Once you change from 'Version 3' to 'Version 4' here, the page will reload and you'll see the new look and feel.

Using the new Ruleguard look and feel

You'll notice right away that everything seems very different - but don't panic! No functionality has changed and every screen continues to work in the same way.

The main change that we've made is to the application menu. Instead of being found along the top of the screen, it's now over on the left.

You'll see that the menu is made up of seven main items which represent the compliance workflow:

  • Rules: The obligations your organisation needs to comply with

  • Control environment: What you do in order to comply

  • Accountability: The individuals that take ownership of compliance matters. This was called 'Oversight' in the old look and feel and is the home for all SMCR functionality.

  • Risk: What could go wrong, and what has gone wrong (risk events, issues and breaches)

  • Third parties: Information shared with other firms

  • Assurance: Automation and evidence features such as attestations and task checklists

  • Reporting: Management information and other documents

You may see fewer options here if you don't subscribe to those particular areas of functionality.

There are also a few other sections above and below the main workflow:

  • Dashboard: Your action list and inbox

  • Organisation: Organisation design features (currently relevant to Accountability module users only)

  • Admin: System configuration options

  • Logout: Use this to leave Ruleguard

As before, the user panel at the top-right of the screen also contains some links to useful screens and this is also where you continue to find the global search and notification controls:

The 'My settings' link here is how you can access the page to change back to the old theme if you need to. If you do, please take a moment to tell us why!


When you move your mouse over one of the main menu items, a sub-menu will open up showing you the screens that can be accessed from here:

Just click on one of the sub-menus to go to that screen.

Many of these sub-menus now hold a collection of related features that were sometimes found in different places before. Similar items are always grouped together but you may find things slightly different in the new experience.

When clicking on a menu item, the screens available in that area appear as options in the centre-middle of the page like this:

Here's a quick reference guide to the features you can find in each screen now:


Rules: Rules matrix and rules mapping (drag and drop)

Rule updates

Control environment

Controls: Control matrix, Control mapping (drag and drop)

Processes: Process matrix, Process mapping (drag and drop)

Topics: Topic matrix, Topic mapping (drag and drop)


Responsibilities: Responsibility matrix, Responsibilities maps, Responsibility delegation

People: People matrix, Reporting lines


Risks: Risk matrix, Risk mapping (drag and drop)

Issues: Issue matrix (organised by issue type)

Issue tasks: Issue task matrix

Third parties

Shared with us: Incoming shares

Shared by us: Outgoing shares


Events: Event matrix, Upcoming events matrix

Event design: Attestation design, Workflow design, Task design


MI Designer: Dashboards, Reports

Compliance documents: Custom, Rule pack documents

Audit History

Contracts (acknowledgement letters)

Records and files


Users and Permissions: Users, User groups, Roles

Data library (was Address Book)


Entity configuration (now holds custom field, type, and stage configuration for all Ruleguard data items such as controls, risks, issues, etc)

Style and colour

Apart from the menu, you'll see that everything on Ruleguard looks a little bit nicer now. Nothing has changed in how it actually works with this update, so you should find yourself right at home once you've gotten used to getting around! That being said, if you do find anything amiss or are having trouble, please reach out to the team at support@ruleguard.com and we'll leap into action to help you out.

We hope you enjoy the new experience - welcome to Ruleguard!