Axiom HQ are delighted to sponsor the RT Associates event 2018: The Time for Regulatory Data Platfor

Join us on Tuesday 17th March, where our CEO and Founder John O’Dwyer will be providing his views on the compliance issues facing the financial service industry and how RegTech is addressing them. He will also be participating in the Q&A panel discussing the practical implications of adopting regulatory data platforms.

Come and visit us in the networking area at the event.

About the event

If 2017 was about the rush towards MiFID II regulatory compliance, 2018 is the year to start looking at how RegTech can solve your end-to-end regulatory compliance needs. Learn why issues such as Regulatory Change, Monitoring & Surveillance, CASS, Senior Managers Certification Regime, Risk Intelligence and more cannot be solved by buying solutions that only manage one regulatory problem.

Learn how RegTech is addressing these challenges and how the right products and data platforms can solve more than one of your business needs.

About Axiom HQ

Axiom HQ is an industry-leading provider of regulatory compliance solutions for the financial services industry with a focus on FCA regulations. At Axiom HQ we understand the ever-changing regulatory landscape and the problems that must be solved for our clients to manage their day-to-day operations.

Our SaaS delivered software platform Axiom has been designed to manage the complex and burdensome issues associated with regulatory compliance, especially when processes and procedures in place are manual and fragmented widely across multiple departments and systems.

Axiom has been designed to help you demonstrate and evidence compliance, by using its comprehensive rules-mapping, risk and control tools, automated reporting features and powerful dashboards. At its core, Axiom is a single unifying solution for all your compliance processes and procedures for managing your ongoing compliance. Using Axiom will enable you to show regulators and auditors how your business has complied with the rules, including providing effective governance and oversight to your firm.

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