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Audit Management Software

Audit Management Software

A seamless control environment between you and your auditors to facilitate cost effective audits

Ruleguard for Audit Management provides rich reporting and review features about every task being managed, giving you detailed insights at the touch of a button.


Audit preparation is simplified with a complete log of task results being available and exportable outside of Ruleguard. With our solution, you can maintain a robust audit trail of relevant documents and selectively share with your auditors.

Solution Features

​Ruleguard enables you to transform your annual audit.   Here are some of the key features offered:

  • Data can be shared in one secure environment without the need to send and track emails 

  • Selectively share risk, control, and process information within the Ruleguard system

  • Speed up preparation and management of CASS, AAF and other audit exams

  • Provide access to relevant compliance documents such as procedures and allow auditors to download them when needed

  • Share real-time attestation results and evidence, and communicate issues and breaches within the application

  • Track all outsourced audit activities with Ruleguard’s detailed MI and dashboards

Speed up the audit

process and

reduce your costs 

Eliminate the need for manual review of changes

Simplify audit preparation and evidence gathering for outsourced arrangement

Allow auditors to access relevant incident & breach logs on demand


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