Workflow listings – Refreshed design and added functionality

We are pleased to provide a preview of updates to the Workflow listings screens.

What is changing?

The next Ruleguard update contains a revised design to the Workflow listings screens that will make reviewing your upcoming, due and completed Workflows and Reminders easier and more informative.

The Workflows menu will be renamed to Events and the previously named ‘Complete’ and ‘In Progress’ tabs will be merged (functionally) under a new tab called ‘Completed & Due‘.

These changes will provide you with an enhanced view of the Ruleguard operations ongoing within your business.

Summary of key features

  1. Significantly increased column count from 5 to 25 to display richer information about completed, due and upcoming Reminders and Workflows; with added columns including: (1)
  2. Subjects included
  3. Days late
  4. Evidence provided? (Yes/No)
  5. Ability to toggle visibility on column headings (2)
  6. Advanced filtering on column headings e.g. it will now be possible to search for specific entities and their attestation responses, filter on number of days late and set the date range for attestation (3)
  7. Search criteria will now be added to the URL meaning you will now be able bookmark and/or send the search URL (to other Ruleguard users) to share attestation results
  8. Download CSV option provided (4) 

See changes below: 

New screen 

(Click to view full size image)

The same enhancements are made to the “Upcoming” screen.

Previous screen 

(Click to view full size image)

Why have we changed this?

We have based these improvements on feedback from customers who have requested more detail, and will implement these changes alongside another due improvement that will link to this attestation data from the recently released ‘Matrix’ screens. 

A regular Product Update email will be sent to all full users when this is released. 

When will this change go live?

Subject to successful testing this will either be released this Friday 2nd August or a future sprint slot (TBC).

Any questions? 

We hope you like the new changes. 

If you have any questions about the new Workflow screens please contact hello@ruleguard.com or your Customer Success Manager.