Ruleguard Update 4.25.0

We are pleased to announce that Ruleguard version 4.25.0 is now live!

This update contains the following changes:

General Improvements & Fixes

  • Added the ability to display (and include in download) the hierarchy for a given selection option where this has been selected within a Selection (Tiered) list within the Process, Risk and Control entity matrices.

  • Made a performance improvement for enterprise-scale customers accessing the 'Event responses' grid, to significantly bring down load times.

  • Made a minor UX improvement whereby when editing Custom Fields it was auto expanding the archived Fields which are better hidden by default.

  • Resolved an issue whereby the Master ID was not present on a Recipient matrix despite being 'searchable'.

  • Resolved an issue whereby the count of subjects presented within the Attestation design card was not correct (even though the Subjects listed were correct).

  • Resolved a rare issue seen whereby errors were generated when launching an attestation, where a specific combination of sharing configuration was in place.

In a Rush?

Don't always have time to read our blog posts right away? You can always access our release notes later by clicking the release version in the Ruleguard Welcome menu.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about this update, please let us know at support@ruleguard.com or contact your Customer Success Manager.

Ruleguard Team