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Regulatory Updates Software

Regulatory Updates Software 

Your early warning system for new and changed rules - every regulator, every jurisdiction, in a single rules repository

Compliance professionals in the financial services industry must cope with an ever-increasing amount of regulatory change. To make best use of Ruleguard's powerful rules mapping and control environment, it all starts with the rules. Our Regulatory Change Management functionality allows you to hook up to any regulator in any jurisdiction and subscribe to a feed of new and updated rules.

With our solution, firms can easily produce an audit trail for the numerous regulatory changes that occur each year. Ruleguard is also compatible with any publicly available, web-based source of rules including discussion papers, consultation papers, source books and legal texts.

Solution Features

Ruleguard can help you identify, assess and monitor regulatory developments.  Key features include the following:​

  • Through our powerful pattern-matching algorithm, you can select the publications and rules that you want to keep an eye on and ignore those that are of no interest

  • Obtain a curated feed into a single repository no matter where the rules are sourced

  • Keep track of new, updated and removed rules in one place

  • Easily identify actions via RAG ratings to trigger internal applicability workflows to determine how the changes affect your firm.


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