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Regulatory Mapping Software

Regulatory Mapping Software

Your intuitive mapping cube workspace for rules, business processes, regulatory risks and operational controls

With more and more firms taking a line-by-line approach for mapping granular rules to risks and control, the case for suitable software has never been stronger.

However complex your needs, Ruleguard rules mapping will make you wonder how you ever managed without it.

Solution Features

Ruleguard can help you meet all your mapping challenges more effectively by freeing you from the manual, administrative work.  Some of our features enable you to:

  • create your own taxonomy of rule topics, independent of the regulatory source books and guidance

  • view the rules mapping cube from any perspective whether you need to work risks-first, controls-first, or by entity or department for a group-wide governance review

  • stay on top of regulatory changes with regular updates pushed to your inbox for review


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