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Compliance Solutions for Operations

Compliance Solutions for Operations

Risks facing financial institutions have escalated as the cyber-landscape continues to evolve. It is becoming more difficult for firms to maintain critical services when there is an attack or disruption. If firms don’t take action to digitalise their manual processes and adopt smart technology, they are more prone to substantial regulatory fines and reputational damage due to human error or omission.

Firms that achieve real resilience in their operations and core services would enjoy a competitive advantage and long-term sustainability. To achieve this, Ruleguard work with chief operating officers and executives to bolster their regulatory technology capabilities. Not only do we address compliance requirements, but we also support cost-cutting efforts to boost profitability.

Why Ruleguard for Operations?

Drive Efficiency and Reduce Overheads

Ruleguard’s online workflows make it simple for banks to complete tasks. Our repository features allow you to store and keep an audit trail of relevant documents in one place.

Embed Proactive Risk Management Practices

Ruleguard solution enables firms to map rules to risk and controls within business processes whilst building individual ownership.

Key features include the ability to:

  • Define business services & impact tolerance for operational resilience

  • Understand your firm’s operational risks 

  • Obtain genuine insights on possible mitigation steps

  • Assign actions to individuals and see progress in real time

  • Improve governance and oversight of key risks and related control processes

Solutions for Operations

Operational Resilence Blue.jpg


Organise your planning for extreme but plausible scenarios, model your impact tolerances and identify investment gaps

Risk Management Orange.jpg

Operational Risk

Map risks and controls to facilitate compliance monitoring

Incidents Blue.jpg

Incident & Breach Management 

Raise and manage compliance incidents & breaches through investigation and root cause analysis to audit preparation

Third Party Orange.jpg

Third Party

A seamless control environment between you and your third parties for genuine oversight

Learn how Ruleguard can help reduce costs, improve efficiency, and mitigate risk.


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