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Operational Risk Management Software

Operational Risk Management Software

Map rules, risks and controls to processes to improve risk management

The FCA requires firms to take reasonable steps to establish and maintain adequate internal controls. These will vary from firm to firm, but controls must be established to help the firm meet its regulatory obligations.

Firms must consider their current and potential risks that may prevent the business from meeting its objectives and the extent that controls are required to mitigate these risks.

Ruleguard’s Operational Risk Management solution provides regulated firms with a solution to address these requirements.

Solution Features

Ruleguard’s rich reporting enables all users to see to the current status of any tasks.  Using a RAG status, you can see at a glance any issues arising or likely to materialise.  Additional features include:

  • Define and maintain a risk register with related controls

  • Map risks and controls to applicable regulations, policies, and procedures to facilitate gap analysis and compliance monitoring

  • Plan, schedule and conduct detailed control tests by engaging control and process owners to confirm the efficacy of controls

  • Document and report on control failures and deficiencies, identify issues and schedule remediation tasks

  • Encourage accountability and business ownership of issues through to closure

  • Provide auditors and regulatory authorities with selective, secure access to compliance and assurance documentation


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