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Operational Resilience Software

Operational Resilience Software

Organise your planning for extreme but plausible scenarios, model your impact tolerances and identify investment gaps

With operational and security incidents on the rise, the financial services industry requires a coordinated effort to establish a resilient framework. We see various international bodies setting global standards to facilitate resilience including the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision (BCBS) and International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO). The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Prudential Regulation authority (PRA) have also introduced new requirements to strengthen resilience of regulated firms.

Taking a 'key services' view of your operations and mapping each of your dependent resources across the group is a large undertaking for a firm of any size. Invaluable to clients operating in the financial market, Ruleguard’s Operational Resilience platform helps firms meet regulatory requirements to define business services and impact tolerances.


The scale of operational resilience compliance can seem daunting.  With Ruleguard's experience and technical design skills you'll quickly have it under control.

Solution Features

Ruleguard applies the power and flexibility of our industry-leading rules mapping engine to service and resource mapping for operational resilience compliance.  Key features include the following:

  • Define, categorise, and map your important business services to relevant operational resources including people, facilities, systems, data, and suppliers.

  • Define service levels and tolerance thresholds for each service to determine how much impact on customers and the market is acceptable in extreme but plausible scenarios.

  • Vary the resource parameters using our intuitive interface and see how these changes impact your service thresholds in the model.

  • Easily identify gaps for investment and automatically create a resilience self-assessment document for board review.

Define business services

& impact tolerance

Understand your firm’s operational risks

Obtain genuine insights on possible mitigation steps

Assign actions to

individuals and see

progress in real time

Understand how business resources impact


Allow clients and ManCos

to access relevant issue

and breach log on demand


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