Operational Resilience

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Operational Resilience

Organise your planning for extreme but plausible scenarios, model your impact tolerances and identify investment gaps

The upcoming regulation around operational resilience may look like a variant of standard risk management on the face of it, but don't be fooled.

Taking a 'key services' view of your operations and mapping each of your dependent resources across the group is a large undertaking for a firm of any size.


Fortunately, Ruleguard now applies the power and flexibility of our industry-leading rules mapping engine to service and resource mapping for operational resilience compliance.

You may define service levels and tolerance thresholds for each service to define how much impact on customers and the market is acceptable in extreme but plausible scenarios.

Ruleguard allows you to vary the resource parameters using our intuitive interface and see how these changes impact your service thresholds in the model.

You can easily identify gaps for investment and automatically create a resilience self-assessment document for board review.

The scale of operational resilience compliance can seem daunting.  With Ruleguard's experience and technical design skills you'll quickly have it under control.