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Compliance Solutions for Insurance

Compliance Solutions for Insurance

Navigating the regulatory compliance landscape can be challenging for insurance firms, especially for firms that operate on a large scale in multiple jurisdictions. Uncertainty about new and revised legislation adds another level of complexity. To avoid regulatory risk, insurance firms must observe both local and global compliance requirements.

Without a robust compliance program, firms risk regulatory actions, including fines or censures. Ruleguard’s compliance software solutions are designed to help manage different compliance policies and processes so firms can have constant access to information and changing conditions. 

Why Ruleguard for Insurance?

Facilitate monitoring Regulatory Developments

Ruleguard can help you deal with regulatory changes as they arise by assessing applicability and mapping to corresponding risks and controls.

Embed Compliance within your firm

Our solution provides complete audit trails including supporting evidence to demonstrate compliance. It addresses additional challenges related to managing incidents and breaches, making breach resolution more transparent.

Key features allow you to:

  • Save time and effort by using a centralised repository

  • Create a comprehensive audit trail

  • Improve governance and oversight of issues

  • Reduce risk of non-compliance due to regulatory change

Solutions for Insurance

Operational Resilence Blue.jpg


Organise your planning for extreme but plausible scenarios, model your impact tolerances and identify investment gaps

Regulatory Orange.jpg

Regulatory Change Management

Your early warning system for new and changed rules - every regulator, every jurisdiction, in a single rules repository

Accountabilty Light Blue.jpg


Map organisational structure, track responsibilities and delegation, evidence reasonable
steps & automate submissions to regulators

Incidents Orange.jpg

Incident & Breach Management

Raise and manage compliance incidents & breaches through the complete analysis and root cause life cycle for audit preparation           

Learn how Ruleguard can help reduce costs, improve efficiency and mitigate risk. 


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