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Pension and GRC Management Software

Pension and GRC Management Software

Map applicable rules to your risks, processes and controls whilst building a robust audit trail.

Whether you’re a pension provider, a scheme manager or a master trust, you’ll need to have appropriate systems and controls in place to manage your risks and prevent harm to your members.

Demonstrating compliance with your obligations and having the supporting evidence to provide assurance to pension trustees, and the regulators, is vital to your continuing success.

Ruleguard’s Pensions & GRC solution enables you to monitor the effectiveness of your internal controls, but also enable oversight of any third parties upon whom you may be reliant.

Solution Features

Demonstrating compliance with current regulations and any changes is an ongoing challenge for many firms.  Here are some of our key features:

  • Automate and schedule tasks for completion at a frequency that suits you

  • Obtain and provide real-time status updates via users’ personal dashboards

  • Gain better oversight of your processes and controls to enable early identification of any potential issues

  • Schedule alerts to identify any mandatory tasks that are about to become overdue

  • Improve third party oversight by mapping received information into your own framework and track completion of activities to manage risk

  • Prepare and facilitate AAF audits  

Rich reporting to provide timely assurance to governing bodies of compliance

Facilitate proactive risk management via early warning alerts

Build your audit trail and evidence at each step in your process

Improve the effectiveness

of your compliance, risk

and audit functions

Demonstrate oversight

of any third parties and



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