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FNZ Assured by Ruleguard

A Complete PaaS Solution for Enhanced Collaboration and Reporting

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"Streamlined reporting of errors and complaints via Ruleguard is a vast improvement on respond, spreadsheets and emails."
Mr. White, CASS Manager

Ruleguard + FNZ: What's in it for me?

Have access to a library of digitalised services and

automate day-to-day processes

With FNZ Assured by Ruleguard, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips, making it easy to track, manage, and gather detailed information.

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Have all you need, whenever you need, at hand.

Easily track, manage and gather detailed information.

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On Time

Connect the dots on your audit process by seamlessly integrating internal stakeholders,

external parties, and service providers.

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On Budget

Deploying Ruleguard's end-to-end solution in combination with FNZ can save you at least 40% on compliance and audit costs annually.

Unlock FNZ Assured
Digitalized Services Library

Don't just take our word for it.

SavingsFund used Ruleguard's solution in combination with FNZ


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FMZ Assured by Ruleguard Your Complete PaaS Solution

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