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The Ruleguard Platform

Compliance Software

Ruleguard is an industry-leading software platform designed to help regulated firms manage the burden of evidencing and monitoring compliance

The solution is made up of several core modules which can be deployed to provide automation and reduction of compliance risk at different points in the compliance journey. Together, these work to make Ruleguard a holistic platform which delivers end-to-end benefits at every level of a regulated financial services firm.


Traditional compliance documentation and monitoring is manual and happens only periodically. With Ruleguard, key areas of compliance can be automated and put under direct review by appropriate individuals across the business. This means that monitoring can be embedded directly into business-as-usual processes, vastly  simplifying the process and significantly reducing the overhead required to carry it out. 

Ruleguard has the potential to revolutionise what your firm understands by compliance monitoring and deliver best-in-class governance, oversight and management of compliance risk.

Evidence and approvals are gathered in real time, with responsible individuals signing off attestations within a framework designed for your firm. Documentation reviews and updates are managed automatically. Key  compliance workflows can be designed directly within the solution, ensuring that MI outputs are available which directly provide stakeholders with an up-to-the minute overview of compliance results.

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