Ruleguard for CASS

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Ruleguard for CASS

Practical line-by-line mapping for client asset compliance in custody, client money, mandates and resolution packs

Ruleguard for CASS is a dedicated platform for the management and documentation of CASS compliance activity.


Ruleguard’s rules-mapping engine allows you to link your controls and operational processes directly to the CASS rules.


When those rules change, a direct feed from the regulator ensures that Ruleguard is always upto-date, and notifies you of any differences. As a repository, Ruleguard can store and version policy and procedure documents so that all of your CASS data is centralised and accessible.

Compliance risks can also be documented, scored and included within the mapping relationships maintained on the system.


With your entire library of CASS information under control by Ruleguard, the system makes production and updating of compliance documentation effortless, including the ability to generate the CASS Resolution Pack.


Attestations built into the platform and detailed MI features ensure that evidencing compliance is straightforward, making tasks like audit preparation vastly simpler than ever before.