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Accountability Regime

Accountability Regime

Map organisational structure, track responsibilities and delegation, evidence reasonable steps & automate submissions to regulators

Ruleguard contains a comprehensive Accountability Regimes solution which enables firms to centralise and automate most of the processes related to compliance with the SMCR regime in the UK and similar accountability regimes worldwide such as:

  • Senior Executive Accountability Regime (SEAR) in Ireland

  • Individual Accountability and Conduct (IAC) in Singapore

  • Manager in Charge Regime (MIC) in Hong Kong

  • Financial Accountability Regime (FAR) in Australia

Solution Features

Using Ruleguard for accountability regimes, including SMCR, represents a huge labour saving and helps reduce regulatory risk. Ruleguard's features include:  

  • Document every employee who is subject to the regime and organise all the information needed to comply with the rules

  • Track Senior Managers' responsibilities using a visual map of delegated items, and demonstrate ‘reasonable steps’ with built-in attestations and evidencing

  • Map individual reporting lines, including cross-entity and matrix-management scenarios

  • Generate regulatory documents including “Statements of Responsibilities” (SORs) and “Management Responsibilities Maps” (MRMs) covering the full picture of your business

  • Configure automated workflows including onboarding, offboarding, change of responsibilities, delegation, handover, request or provision of references, certification, fit and proper assessment and incident & breach management

  • Provide assurance to HR and Compliance that everything is on track with real-time insights via personal dashboards and rich reporting

Reduce cost


Automate certification workflow

Minimise regulatory


Guarantee evidencing reasonable steps

Track compliance across multiple legal entities

Ensure completion of all "accountability regimes" related activities


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