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Intro Call

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  • Researching Prospects
  • Understanding the market
  • Understanding Product fit
  • Cold / Warm calling…
  • Building rapport
  • Booking meetings

Skills Required

  • Use Sales Navigator to research prospects & roles
  • Understand prospect firm types & what they do
  • Understand Ruleguard solutions and the personas we sell to
  • Use 1 page solution descriptions and simple pitch script
  • Plan & structure an intro call and pitch
  • Get agreement from prospects for an initial meeting
  • Build the relationship with the prospect ahead of the meeting*

*This is mandatory if the initial meeting was booked by an outbound calling agency or received as an inbound enquiry. In this case, we must reach out to the prospect by the end of the next working day from when the meeting/enquiry is notified to us, to reconfirm the meeting and the agenda. We must establish our credibility and generate some enthusiasm in the prospect by speaking to their needs and/or areas of interest. This outreach will substantially increase the likelihood of a worthwhile meeting going ahead.

Sign Off

  • Meeting in diary with qualified prospect
  • Prospect engages and reconfirms the meeting (if booked by an outbound calling agency)


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