Rules Mapping


Rules Mapping

Your intuitive mapping cube workspace for rules, business processes, regulatory risks and operational controls

With more and more firms taking a line-by-line approach for mapping granular rules to risks and control, the case for suitable software has never been stronger.


The regulator will try and present the rules under useful sub-headings but the changes of these categories exactly matching the structure of your operations are virtually nil, so Ruleguard's powerful rules mapping workspace is a huge time-saver.


Ruleguard allows you to create your own taxonomy of rule topics, independent of the source books, so you can easily and quickly map rules to related processes, risks and controls.

The rules mapping 'cube' can be viewed from any perspective whether you need to work risks-first, controls-first, or by entity or department for a group-wide governance review.

If you've ever used Excel to attempt this, or one of the entry-level tools on the market, you'll know how the devil is in the detail with rules mapping.

With Ruleguard, you have the peace of mind that dozens of global firms use Ruleguard for their complex rules mapping and our tools have been forged in this demanding live environment.

However complex your needs, Ruleguard rules mapping will make you wonder how you ever managed without it.