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Compliance Solutions for Pensions

Compliance Solutions for Pensions

Supporting the pension sector with their regulatory reporting

Regulators are demanding ever-greater transparency and accountability from the pension sector. The FCA has recently set out the critical role that pension providers must play in helping to launch the government’s Pensions Dashboard initiative, which aims to empower savers to engage with their pensions. This presents some challenges to pension providers particularly data sharing between multiple parties to collate information for the dashboards. They must focus on data security and ensure that only legitimate parties have access to the dashboards.

With all the new regulations, pensions providers are turning to smart solutions to monitor regulatory compliance and automate reporting, as well as to mitigate risks. Ruleguard helps the pension sector facilitate regulatory compliance and improve risk management, so they can spend more time improving business and customer outcomes around them.

Why Ruleguard for Pensions?

Demonstrate Genuine Oversight 

Firms have a seamless control environment between the firm and its third parties for genuine oversight. Ruleguard allows firms to map received data, allowing firms to incorporate third party information into a firm’s own risk and monitoring frameworks. This can radically transform the third-party oversight capabilities of a compliance function and allow it to extend best practice beyond the borders of the firm.

Drive Efficiency and Reduce Overheads

Ruleguard’s online workflows make it simple for pension providers to complete tasks. Our repository features allow you to store and keep an audit trail of relevant documents in one place.

Ruleguard's key features can help you by:

  • Reducing costs of third party monitoring activities

  • Simplifying audit preparation and evidence gathering for outsourced arrangements

  • Improving transparency and governance arrangements between firms and third parties

  • Identifying emerging risks via personal dashboards to aid speedy escalation and resolution

Solutions for Pensions

Third Party Blue.jpg

Third Party

A seamless control environment between you and your third parties for genuine oversight

Regulatory Orange.jpg

Regulatory Change Management

Your early warning system for new and changed rules - every regulator, every jurisdiction, in a single rules repository          

Risk Management Blue.jpg

Operational Risk Management

Map risks and controls to facilitate compliance monitoring

Pensions Orange.jpg

Pensions &

Map applicable rules to your risk, processes and controls whilst building a robust audit trail

Learn how Ruleguard can help reduce costs, improve efficiency, and mitigate risk.


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