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Evidence Management and Task Lists Software

Evidence Management and
Task Lists Software

Manage daily tasks in real-time

Day-to-day management of operational processes involves a high volume of specific tasks which must be completed to provide assurance that everything is on track.

Ruleguard checklists allow you to create sets of tasks within the application.


Completing tasks on Ruleguard is fast and straightforward, meaning that the workflow is unobtrusive and adds only a minimal step to day-to-day compliance activities.

Solution Features

Ruleguard allows you to automate manual checklists to build robust audit trails and encourage individual ownership.  Key features enable you to:

  • Create sets of tasks within the application allowing you to easily track activities through to completion

  • Organise tasks into lists, schedule actions and frequency according to your needs

  • Easily reassign tasks to manage unforeseen absence or team workloads

  • Manage tasks across different teams 

  • Access detailed reports at the touch of a button to allow oversight of activities


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